What is affiliate marketing?

Online affiliate marketing consists of generating commissions by sending traffic to a website. For this, the usual method is to redirect the traffic of your website or blog, using banners or other type of advertisement. Social networks are also used.

The advantages that offers this way of marketing, compared with conventional advertising is that the goals could be more easily measure. This provoke that the advertisers have a greater ability to monitor the results of their campaigns. In affiliate marketing the risk of investing in advertising is not assumed by the advertiser, the company that carries out the promotional campaign (affiliate) takes the risk.

What is online marketing affiliation in gambling?

In the sports betting sector, one way to generate income and earn money is through affiliate marketing. This type of promotion has a great relevance in the sector, because it helps bookmakers to attract quality traffic.

In face of massive television advertising or team sponsorships, that both of them require a strong investment and are very difficult to measure the return, online game operators can obtain measured and controlled traffic because of affiliation.

How to make money with betting affiliate marketing?

Online gaming sector has become in a great opportunity for get revenues. One of the best ways to use the boom in this activity is to send traffic to online game operators.

To get traffic there are two fundamental ways: creation of web content and promotion through social networks. In these two ways you can send players to the bookmakers and earn money with the commissions generated by it.

How to earn Money with the bookies?

It has already been explained above that a good way to earn money with bookmakers is through affiliation. An affiliate is a person who sends traffic to a website (referrals).

The way to monetize this activity is to send players who register for the first time in a bookmaker, make a deposit and place a bet. For each record that is achieved, a CPA commission will be generated.

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