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2.1.- Definitions.

BETANDEAL is an online platform, owned by GLOBAL GAMING MARKETING SERVICES, S.L. and dedicated to affiliate marketing.

We can define affiliate marketing as that advertising activity carried out on a B2B level (BUSINESS TO BUSINESS), that is, from professional to professional, by virtue of which we advertise the activity (products and services) of our clients / advertisers on our platform and make it available to the users of the same (affiliates) so that they, in turn, promote among their followers or target audience the products and services that interest them.

So, for example, if an affiliate has a website dedicated to sports, they will have more options to earn money if what they promote is information relevant to sport betting activities.

That is why the BETANDEAL platform is for those who have a website, blog or social network with a large number of followers, because, in this way, they will have more possibilities to attract customers for the products and services promoted and, therefore, earn money with it in the form of commission. 

The profits that affiliates can obtain through our platform are variable and are paid as commissions, which will be higher or lower depending on the number of customers obtained through the promotion of products and services.

The products and services promoted through BETANDEAL are the exclusive property of our customers/advertisers. In such a way that, as we will say later, the conditions for the payment of the corresponding commissions are imposed directly by our clients / advertisers, owners of the product and service promoted through the platform. Likewise, those who pay the commissions are, logically, the clients / advertisers, since they are the owners of the product or service promoted, being that BETANDEAL at this point works as a payment platform for the client / advertiser to the affiliate. 

As we can see, it is an advertising activity that aims to promote the activity of third parties (customers or advertisers), to achieve benefits in the form of commission, which will be paid depending on the number of customers captured and referred.

Therefore, the activity of affiliate marketing involves a wide variety of services that converge on the BETANDEAL platform, whose main objective is helping its customers to maximize their profits by taking advantage of this platform to be able to get their product or service to an indeterminate number of potential customers.

As for the type of product and service promoted through our platform, we will say that BETANDEAL is an affiliate marketing platform that focuses fundamentally on the markets of online gambling, sports betting in general and finance. 

Therefore, the BETANDEAL affiliate platform helps some of its customers to promote online sports gambling content, such as bookmakers or casinos, as well as brokers specialized in similar services.

Thus, BETANDEAL's clients/advertisers  and their affiliate agreements focus on these three major markets:

  • Sports betting. 

  • Online gambling. 

  • Finance -FOREX-. 

In this way, BETANDEAL operates as a platform with an eminently advertising purpose, which seeks to put customers or advertisers in contact with their potential customers or players, all through affiliates, who are the ones who have the target audience among which to promote the product or service. 

The activities, products or services of customers or advertisers will reach potential customers through affiliates, which, as we will see later, are those natural or legal persons who are owners of blogs, web pages, social networks or other types of online platforms in which a large number of potential players converge.

2.2.- Intervening subjects.

That said, the subjective relationship in the field of affiliate marketing is tripartite in nature and all of them converge on our affiliate platform.

In this way, we talk about the following subjects:

  • Customer or advertiser (gaming operator, bookmaker, broker, etc.) who advertises on the BETANDEAL platform; 

  • Affiliate (who, through the appropriate registration on our platform, accesses the activities, products and services promoted by BETANDEAL and promotes them among its target audience -players-); 

  • Players (final consumer, who accesses it through the affiliate). 

These three subjects, converge on the affiliate platform: the first to promote their activities, products and services;  the latter to request access to them and promote them among their target audience (players, followers) and third parties, who are the ones who access the activities, products or services of the former, through the links that affiliates make available to them through their website, blog or social network.

Through the relationship described above, customers or advertisers (gaming operators, bookmakers, brokers, etc.), release the corresponding commissions to the affiliate platform by virtue of the referred traffic (number of clients obtained by our affiliates) and, in turn, the affiliate platform releases the corresponding commissions to the affiliates, by virtue of the referred traffic (end consumers who contracted the products and services of our affiliates).  customers or advertisers through our affiliates). All this through URL links, by virtue of which customers / advertisers know how many final consumers have been sent through BETANDEAL and, in turn, BETANDEAL knows how many final consumers have been referred by each affiliate to configure the commission system.

This commission system makes the following journey, the client, advertiser or operator pays the commission corresponding to BETANDEAL and BETANDEAL pays the corresponding commission to the affiliates.

The subjects involved in the activity of affiliate marketing are the following:

  • Clients/Advertisers/Operators: are those companies dedicated to sports betting (bookmakers or casinos), dedicated to online gambling (gaming operators or casinos) or finance (brokers). 

Customers or advertisers bring to the market certain campaigns, offers, bonuses, etc., with which they try to reach the maximum possible number of potential customers.

These customers or advertisers have authorized BETANDEAL, by signing the corresponding agreements, to promote and encourage their activities through the platform in order to reach and be available to all affiliates.

In any case, the activities, products or services of customers or advertisers (campaigns, bonuses, offers, etc.), although promoted through the BETANDEAL platform, are the exclusive property of the advertisers, without BETANDEAL having any right over them, beyond the simple publication or promotion. However, BETANDEAL will inform affiliates about the validity, expiration and essential conditions of such activities, products or services.

Compliance with current regulations on responsible gaming is exclusive to customers or advertisers, without BETANDEAL having any responsibility in these matters, as its involvement is limited to the marketing or promotion of its activities, products or services.

  • Affiliates/Users registered on the platform: are all those natural or legal persons who, through the appropriate registration on the BETANDEAL platform, become affiliates, with which they can access the activities, products or services of customers/advertisers/operators, promoted through the platform. 

In this way, affiliates will be able to access, within the platform, the section in which they are interested, depending on whether it is sports betting, online casino or finance, in such a way that they can request access and promotion of the products or services that advertisers have active on the platform and, in turn, offer it to potential customers who follow them on their blogs,  websites, social networks, etc.

BETANDEAL makes available to affiliates, through the platform, access to the activities promoted by its clients or advertisers (online gaming operators, brokers, etc.). However, the effective access to these activities and the possibility that affiliates can promote them, is at the exclusive discretion of the client or advertiser, since it is the exclusive owner of the campaign, activity, bonus, offer, etc., which is promoted on the platform.

Affiliates will promote the activities, products and services of our customers or advertisers through personalized links that BETANDEAL will make available to them. Through these personalized links for each affiliate, BETANDEAL will record the number of customers converted by each affiliate in order to configure the system of commissions payable.

Consequently, affiliates access the products and services of customers or advertisers through BETANDEAL and promote them among their target audience (players), finding their winnings, greater or lesser, in the ability to promote the activities, products or services of gambling operators, bookmakers or brokers among their followers (players),  and that the latter carry out the minimum operations required by customers or advertisers to release the corresponding commissions (pay special attention to the warning contained in these terms and conditions and in each promotion about the so-called fraudulent players).

In any case, affiliates must always abide by the instructions, minimum requirements and conditions established by customers or advertisers.

Affiliates must accept these terms and conditions prior to trading through BETANDEAL.

In addition, affiliates must pay special attention to the so-called -fraudulent players-, which are those players converted by affiliates who do not operate, make acquisitions or activities required by the client / advertiser / operator to release the corresponding commission. As for what will be understood in each case by fraudulent player, it must be as stipulated by the client / advertiser / operator, since this is the owner of the campaign in question and, therefore, the one that establishes the conditions to release the commissions. Bots will also be considered fraudulent players, as they are not real players.

When one or more players have been qualified as fraudulent by the client, advertiser or operator, they will be removed from the campaign and will not generate the corresponding commission.

  • End Players/Consumers: We call the end consumers of the activities, products or services offered by customers/advertisers/operators through the BETANDEAL platform. 

Players access the activities, products or services mentioned through the links that affiliates generate on the BETANDEAL platform and make available to them.

Affiliates must ensure that players must meet the requirements demanded by customers or advertisers (bookmakers, online gambling operators or brokers) so that commissions can be released in the form of a cascade, first of all, from the operator to the affiliate platform and the platform to the affiliate, ultimately.

Players are responsible for complying with the requirements demanded by operators in terms of minimum operating age, etc.



The most common commissions in affiliate marketing are as follows:

  • CPA: This is the Cost Per Acquisition (also called Cost Per Action). 

The name of CPA responds to that type of commission that is generated and released when completing a specific action demanded by the operator (client, advertiser or operator). The CPA is mainly given with the offers or bonds, since to access them, you always have to complete an acquisition or a specific action. 

The conditions for releasing the CPA commission are established solely and exclusively by the operators (customers or advertisers), so that such requirements must be complied with in any case.

  • CPL: this is the Cost Per Lead. 

The CPL is a type of commission that is generated and released for each completed registration or form.

  • RS: this is the so-called Revenue Share. 

It is a percentage of each player's net loss that is paid to the affiliate on a monthly basis.

  • Hybrid commissions: they are those that are made up of a combination between the above. 


BETANDEAL, as we have indicated further, is an affiliate marketing platform that, fundamentally, promotes campaigns and activities of online gambling operators. 

In the development of the affiliate marketing activity, BETANDEAL accesses the campaigns of its clients (operators) and promotes them on the platform, so that affiliates can access them and then promote them in turn among their target audience. 

Logically, being that BETANDEAL develops a digital marketing activity, the ownership of the campaigns advertised through the BETANDEAL platform belongs exclusively to the operators that generate them. 

That said, it is the operators who own the campaigns (products or services) who establish the requirements for access to them, as well as the requirements for the release of commissions. In this way, it is the operators and not BETANDEAL who decide on the requirements and conditions of each campaign, on the definition of fraudulent players, etc. 

However, BETANDEAL will publish together with each campaign the conditions, requirements, and validity of each one. 

For its part, each operator is responsible in terms of compliance with the corresponding legislation on gambling, being that in this aspect BETANDEAL has no responsibility. 

For its part, as for the advertising material, banners, tags, content or images provided by our customers, they are the exclusive property of the same, so the right of use that affiliates have of this type of materials is, in any case, of a limited nature. 

That said, BETANDEAL provides a limited right of use to affiliates of all content located on our platform.


The registration in BETANDEAL makes the user an affiliate, so that he will have access to the private part of the platform, access to the campaigns of our clients and all the tools that BETANDEAL puts at their disposal. 

To carry out the registration, in addition to accepting these terms and conditions, the privacy policy must also be accepted, in which we will reveal the data that is necessary to make the registration and we will request the permission of the affiliate for the processing of their data, which, as it is said in the privacy policy section,  will be used exclusively for the development of the activity of BETANDEAL. 

The BETANDEAL affiliate platform is aimed at all those people (individuals, companies or agencies) who have a website or a channel on social networks that has followers. In this way, affiliates must get players for the campaigns promoted in BETANDEAL and that they wish to promote. Thus, the corresponding commissions will be released depending on the conditions of the campaign. 

To register as an affiliate in BETANDEAL, it is an essential requirement to be 18 years of age or older. 

Each affiliate will be responsible for the content of their own website or channel on the corresponding social network.

BETANDEAL, apart from other breaches that may entitle it, reserves the right to terminate the agreement and cancel the affiliates's account in the following circumstances: 

  1. There is no activity by the affiliate within a period of six consecutive months. 

  2. The affiliate does not clearly provide BETANDEAL with the means and manner in which the campaigns are being conducted. 

  3. Existence of fraudulent traffic: players with duplicate IP's, fake players, incentivised traffic, accounts created without activity (players should bet frequently at the bookmaker), clear abuse of the commission for recruitment or abuse of the welcome bonus.

The termination of the agreement and the closing of the account will result in the termination of all economic rights in favor of the user or affiliate without the right to any further compensation or payment, from the date of termination, even if there is any outstanding balance in the account. 


Our platform will automatically record the results of each affiliate for each of the campaigns it has promoted among its players. 

For the calculation of this income statement, only the results verified and collected by our clients will be taken into account. The final result for each campaign will always depend on the number of players captured by the affiliate, although these players, complying with the conditions of most client operators, must be active players, that is, they must make a specific move or movements so as not to be reputed as fraudulent players and, consequently, not be counted as active players for the purposes of generating commissions. 

In this way, in the private part of each affiliate, BETANDEAL will update its income statement, where you can see the number of players converted on each campaign and the amount generated as commissions. 

To receive the payment of the commissions, the affiliate will only have to select on the platform if he prefers to receive the payment by bank transfer, PayPal or SKRILL.


BETANDEAL enables the email [email protected] for the resolution of any doubts or technical incidents that may be had in the use of the platform.

Affiliates may also contact us through any of the means specified on the main page of the platform.


The affiliate platform www.betandeal.com uses cookies with which it is intended to improve the user experience, so we request that, when using the web site, the use of them is accepted.

In the event of a dispute, the customer may first contact BETANDEAL to reach an amicable solution.

These General Conditions are governed by the legislation of Spanish law. The parties submit, at their choice, for the resolution of conflicts and waiving any other jurisdiction, to the courts and tribunals of Madrid (SPAIN).

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