Cpa Comissions in Sportsbook

What affiliation deals can I get in

In the affiliation platform for the Spanish and Latin American market,, you will mainly find affiliate deal with bookies. These agreements are of the CPA type (Acquisition Commission). The minimum commission per player is € 10.

The campaigns are focused on the Spanish market, but you are going to find too a wide range of offers for Latin America ( is your perfect partner as a gambling affiliate for Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Argentina).

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What companies can I find in

You can find a summary table below with the bookmakers that we offer in You just have to filter by country, and the bookmakers available for your area will be displayed.

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How can I earn Money as a gaming affiliate?

As we explained above, the way to earn money as an sporkbook affiliate is sending traffic (translated into new players) to bookies. But how can I generate that traffic? There are essentially 3 ways to generate traffic:

  • Website traffic (SEO): it is the most used way to generate traffic, the content creation by a blog or websites related to online gaming and sports.
  • Social network traffic: the number of people who use social networks every day such as facebook, twitter or instagram, make these types of tools really useful for creating attractive content for potential punters.
  • Text message APP, mainly telegram: in gambling affiliation environment, has get a great relevance in many countries telegram. In this APP there are a huge number of channels that are used by tipsters to send their followers information and recommendations on sports betting.

¿Which are the best book for work as an affiliate?

There are two different opinions when we try to define which the ideal bookmaker to work as an affiliate is. On the one hand, there is a belief that it is better to promote the bookmaker that offers a higher commission. On the other hand, there are people who said that the best option is to work with the less known bookmaker, regardless of what commission pays that bookie for each user.

Of course, always it is more interesting to advertise the company that pays more, but you also have to take into account that the companies that offer a higher commission are usually those that have a better position in the market, and for this reason is more complicated to bring new players to them. One important difference between the iGaming affiliation and the affiliation programs in other sectors (as in Amazon for example) is that when you refers to a player, it can never be referred to by another affiliate because it is not possible for a person to register more than one time in the same sportsbook.

Therefore, each affiliate must define his strategy, since no one better than him knows his audience, and select the bookmakers he wishes to promote.

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